I provide freelance 3D modelling service and civil engineering advice on bid projects. I helped number of contractors develop the engineering contents of their tender submissions. Some of the recent projects I worked on include Cross River Rail, Brisbane Metro and Coffs Harbour Hospital Expansion projects.

While working on number of past projects I developed a good rapport with 

in this field. We worked together on the New Brisbane Parallel Runway and Brisbane Metro tenders. Depending on the size of the project and the level of support you require we can offer a joint tender support service and a formidable addition to your bid team.

, a civil engineer with significant experience 


Our work normally entails preparation of a 3D or 4D engineering Staging model which will help you plan your project with greater confidence and communicate your approach and ideas to the client in clear and effective way.

Have a look at an interactive walk through a sample staging model from one of my projects at Coffs Harbour.

The above model was produced with access to detailed 3D information (3D survey, proposed works models, etc). But useful models can also be produced based on pdf drawings only. Just because we can’t get detailed 3D information at this stage, doesn’t mean we cannot create a useful model. Some sample staging animations from models created solely based on pdf drawings are shown below. Those animations were produced for Pensar. Here is a testimonial from Reese Deaves, Director of Civil Infrastructure at Pensar:

"By utilising the 3D modelling at both tender and construction stages, Pensar have given ourselves assurance about the proposed construction methodologies and sequencing of works, which in turn allows us to reinforce to our clients that we have thoroughly reviewed the design to either confirm buildability or highlight areas of risk or uncertainty. The feedback we have received from our tender submissions has been very positive in support of the additional modelling videos supplied, confirming that it significantly assisted our clients in evaluating our methodology for suitability"

Conversely having access to detailed 3D information (3D survey, ‘as built’ drawings, proposed works models (Revit, 12d, etc)) will increase the quality and often usefulness of the engineering model but will also require more time to put together. This approach may be better suited for more complex projects with multiple interfaces (ie. in busy or constraint urban environment, with significant services relocations, etc.).  Below are some screengrabs from a staging model of the Bradman St upgrade project in Acacia Ridge.

Model generated videos, drawings and screengrabs can be used to clearly communicate complex issues as well as engineering solutions. This will go a long way to increase the quality of your tender writeups and will show the client that the issues had been thoroughly thought through.


The model can be readily interrogated in live meeting environment (ie. taking dimensions, grades, level differences, cutting sections, etc). This is very helpful in project planning, to quickly assess feasibility of ideas or methodologies, rule out non-workable concepts or solutions, etc. The model projected on a big screen can also be used as an interactive aid during client presentations.


I have a significant repository of various construction machinery models (like excavators, cranes, dozers, etc.). These are useful in developing construction methodologies and construction sequence space proofing.


The usefulness of the model does not end at the tender stage. Once the project is secured, the model can be used during construction to finetune work methodologies, for setting out, material take offs, etc.


Once the engineering aspects are resolved in the staging model, we can add all the bells and whistles and turn it into a photo-realistic staging animation. Have a look at a sample video below.

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