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With 14 years of experience in civil engineering across both private and public sectors my core expertise includes:

  • New road design, pavement design and inspections (Form 15 and 16);

  • Roads and intersections upgrade design (public and private roads);

  • Complex services relocations;

  • Large retail projects;

  • Land development;

  • Statutory approvals (Council’s Operational Works approvals, TMR approvals, Service Authorities approvals);

  • Stormwater design, preparation of Stormwater Management Plans, stormwater quality and quantity modelling and inspections (Form 15 and 16);

  • Earthworks modelling and optimisation;

  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans;

  • Due diligence reporting;

  • RPEQ supervision.


I use a broad range of software to develop, communicate and coordinate designs with stakeholders and produce contract documentations efficiently. Most of the software I use is integrated within my project delivery workflow. For instance outputs from the stormwater modelling software (like Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis or XP SWMM) feed into the engineering model kept in Civil 3D or Trimble SketchUp environment.

Below are some screengrabs from engineering models of some of my recent projects.

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