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Geometry Engineering was established by Michal Studzinski and provides civil engineering design and tender support services to clients.

Michal is a Chartered Civil Engineer and RPEQ with 14 years’ experience in delivering Infrastructure and Building Projects in both Urban and Rural environments. He has worked as Lead Civil Engineer on various Road, Rail, Mine, Airport, Commercial, Industrial and Land Development Projects in Australia, UK and Ireland. He has a very Strong Technical Knowledge and is Skilled in Design of Roads, Carparks, Pavements, Earthworks, Erosion and Sediment Control, Stormwater, Water & Sewer, Services Relocations, and other civil engineering aspects. He also has an in depth understanding of Statutory Approvals Requirements.

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Michal has deep interest in BIM, believes engineering is an art, is interested in how things fit together in space and time and has a passion for geometry. His unique signature is a very visual approach to Civil Engineering Design. He develops very accurate 3D Civil Engineering Design Models, which can be interrogated in a live meeting environment, where all stakeholders can interact with all the design aspects and constraints in one media (usually projected on a big screen). This proved very effective in streamlining the approvals processes and has brought him recognition from Clients, Councils, TMR and other Stakeholders.


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Project included new extension to the existing hospital and number of refurbishment projects throughout the campus. Total construction cost approx. $120M. The client is a Tier 1 Contractor.

Geometry Engineering was engaged to assist in preparation of the tender submission.  We developed a 4D engineering staging model to help in project planning, assessment of site constraints and development of work methodologies. We also created a photorealistic staging animation that depicted how the project was proposed to be built, showed how access issues were resolved to ensure unobstructed operation of the hospital during construction and demonstrated number of other key aspects of the project.

Geometry Engineering was engaged by Hutchinson Builders during the construction phase of the external roadworks for this large retail project to assist in management of number of design changes required on the project.

The main challenge involved extensive services relocations including major Energex, QUU watermain, NBN (whose headquarters are across the street from the client’s site), Telstra, Optus and BCC optic fibre relocations as well as significant stormwater works. Number of changes were required to the Energex, Stormwater and watermain designs as a result of existing services locations, authority requirements and future BCC project considerations. We also developed detail designs for all the comms services and produced setting out strings for all the below ground services to ensure streamlined construction and to minimise delays. Below video shows a flythrough the project with the emphasis on the below ground services interfaces.

State Government $5.4Bn project involves construction of a new 10.2-kilometre rail line from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, which includes 5.9 kilometres of tunnel under the Brisbane River and the CBD. It will deliver four new underground stations at Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street and Roma Street, and upgrades to Dutton Park and Exhibition stations.

Geometry Engineering was engaged by John Holland to assist in planning of work methods for the construction of the four new stations. Work entailed preparation of 4D, dimensionally accurate engineering models that were used to assess site constraints and inform engineering decisions. Main challenges included services relocations, public and construction access management, measures to improve construction traffic management in urban environment and development of the construction sequence that coordinates all the elements of the project in time and space.

The models were incorporated in submissions to communicate methodologies and various issues and to produce staging animations, which depicted how the stations will be built from start to finish.

Due to probity requirements and sensitive nature of this material we cannot share the models nor the animations

Geometry Engineering was engaged by Hutchinson Builders during the construction phase of this large retail project to assist in management of number of design changes required on the project. 

The work entailed significant redesign on the stormwater system under Condamine St due to original design clashing with existing power poles, pavement designs, changes to geometric design of the access driveway, day to day design support, coordination with Council and production of the ‘as constructed’ drawings.  The project was successfully completed in late 2018.

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